//Focusing on 15% solutions

Focusing on 15% solutions

The 3rd Community Conversation

PNI Pledge SheetOn July 7th, 2014, our 3rd community conversation took place at the Historic McFarland House in Martinsburg. Members of the neighborhood and the community came together to talk about taking action on the many ideas that were generated in the previous two conversations. At this gathering, we asked folks to focus on 15% solutions.

In other words, what could they do to get the ball rolling towards achieving our goals. What could they do without any additional resources or permission? At the end of the evening, many of the attendees took the PNI please and committed to taking action towards creating a better future for the Burke Street Neighborhood.

Some highlights include:

  • Help my children coordinate a back-to-school supplies drive with our church and local community
  • Find a champion to motivate High School students to be mentors to Burke Street School ChildrenResearch books for Burke Street that help teach STEM and work on setting up a palette garden at the school
  • Learn about becoming a PASS volunteer
  • Talk to older parents and kids about how to meet needs of thier age group (ages 12-17)
  • and many more..

We are looking forward to updating the community on all of these ideas as they come to life.

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