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Our broad aspirations are to help the children in the Burke Street neighborhood reach their full potential from cradle to career.




School readiness for children in the Burke Street Neighborhood.

By December 2014, at least 50% of identified 0-4 aged children in Burke St Neighborhood are using early intervention services.

Baby and Me, Birth to 3, Right From the Start Program, Early Head Start

Identify children 0-4 living in the neighborhood who are not currently receiving services.

Increase participation and referrals for school readiness programs.

Advocate for funding for instructional outdoor space for Pre-K children.

Academic achievement for Burke Street School students.
By October 1, 2014, 75% of families have attended a parent/teacher conference.
Provide parenting training to Burke St School families.

Establish a parent/family/ community organization at Burke St School.

Community engagement with projects.
By December 2014, increase in number of person/organizations supporting and engaged.
Conduct Phase III of “natural leaders” research project.

Schedule community engagement events, i.e. coffees, neighborhood circles with groups of residents and business owners.

Access to and use of existing family resources.
By December 2014, at least 100 persons will have utilized resources in the community.
Implement a Family Resource Center that can be accessed by all PNI residents.

Inform at least 50% of PNI households of services available at the Promise House/FRC.

Incentivize the program to track use of resources and services.

Identify information data system for collaborative use and sharing of client information.